Sunday, August 24, 2014

Liz Lately

It's been exactly a year since I openly admitted to being a terrible blogger. Thought I'd renew the sentiment by restarting this thing. Welcome to my new life in Columbus!

We have some pretty sweet coffee shops here. This is important in any good city.

Accidental coordination and ugly toes. Columbus has some sweet parks too.

And this is where I get to work now. Or rather, between my buildings at work.

My house and "yard" is the shiz. I spend a lot of time out here now.

I grew some mutha flippin tomatoes.

I also wore some clothes that I liked. Like this CAPTAIN shirt and my sweet new thrifted boots.

Very excited to have Glamour mag validate my all-white outfit decision.

SHAMELESS SELFIE. I liked my hair, okay?

Also finally discovered Sephora. Have significantly less $ in my bank account.

Okay unnecessary inundation over. Get ready folks <3