Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shop My Closet!

***NOTE: Unfortunately, I've since donated/given everything away that wasn't sold by the time I left school in May. Sorry!!****

I have way too much stuff. Yes, I know, hashtagfirstworldproblems. But I really do. There's just STUFF everywhere, that I never use or wear, but the DIY (read: packrat) in me wants me to keep nonetheless.

And so as I graduate in a couple weeks, the first thing that needs to get cleaned out is my closet.

For those of you on campus, shipping is free (duh) - just shoot me a text/email and we can work something out. For anyone who's not, email me, and we can negotiate shipping.
You are of course allowed to try on anything you see below, and all prices are definitely negotiable!!

Misc things that I didn't bother photographing:
Vidal Sassoon 1875watt air dyer: $3 Sold
Hair rollers (like these ones, with all the pins/clips still included): $5

Fioni heels, size 8 - $5
These shoes are a little dirty, hence the low price (I'll clean them as best I can, but no promises)

Silver Express top, size M - $5
I love this shirt (looks really cute for interviews/holiday dinners), but sadly there is no way I will ever fill it out :(

Thrifted/altered tiny flower print dress (unhemmed) - $3, or $5 if you want me to hem it for you
I altered this dress last summer but it's just never worked for me

 Silver sleeveless knit top - $3

American Apparel crop top (bottom two pictures show the color better), $5

White and red peasant top by New Look, size 12(UK) - $10
I bought this shirt in London (hence the price) and ended up taking the elastic out of the bottom - I'll definitely iron it before you get it

Blue cowl neck top with studded shoulders from New York & Company, size S, $7
It's long, so could also feasibly be a dress if worn with leggings

Angora rabbit hair and lambs wool sweater, size L, $15
suuuuuuper soft, just looks weird on me

Printed dress, size M, $7

Gray American Apparel (BDG brand) jersey-style top, size M, $3
Note: sorry it's all wrinkly, I will definitely iron this for you!

Fringed leather vest, $5
Ethical note: this is real leather

Dark green shrug/cardigan thing from Ann Taylor Loft, size XS, $5

DIY'ed lace dress (belt not included), $3
SOLD - but stay tuned for more news about this one!

Urban Outfitters (Pins and Needles brand) lace tank top, size M, $3

Rue 21 sheer flower print top/tunic, size M, $4

DIY'ed "bleussant" sweater, size petite (PM), $10

And lastly, these thrifted high-waisted purple silk pants - FREE
These pants will go to any student from my college who promises to wear them to sporting events/homecoming next year

We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Wow okay so last week did not go according to plan. Obviously. The last few days of my thesis were much much more brutal than I had anticipated, or anything I had ever experienced before. Panic attacks, crying, throwing away large chunks of writing, re-writing 30+ pages a night, my advisor saying the amount of data I collected was enough for a dissertation... Yeah, it all happened. I'll try and get my outfit posts up soon.

In the end though, I got to hold 150 pages of my own research and it was all okay. After a hard cider (or six) and 40+ hours of sleep this weekend.

SO. Here's what I'm doing over the next couple weeks (my last at college - eek!!).

1) Sewing like a maniac to finish all the projects I've started but somehow just never finished...
2) Cleaning out my closet and giving/selling it to you, my readers!!
3) Posting a lot about FreePeople and all of their wonderful summery, hippie clothing I wish I could own. Among other DIY inspiration projects.

Guess which kind this post is:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 3: Stunna Cum Laude

Soooo apparently I deleted all the photos I took of yesterday's outfit (hence no post), which means I'll just have to re-take them at some point. Whoops. In the meantime, here's today's outfit in two parts.

This is the outfit I thought I was going to wear today.

hat and shoes, Target
pink underdress, Urban Outfitters
black lace dress, DIY

It was just too uncomfortable though (see how short that skirt is?). Plus, it ended up being 90 degrees outside today (I repeat, 90 degrees in mid-April. We had a foot of snow on the ground this time last year), so I changed into this outfit by like 10:30am.

Yes, I know I said I wouldn't do any "jeans and closest clean t-shirt" outfits, but I'm calling this one fair since I made this shirt! I'll put a tutorial up eventually. In any case, I also put on these sweet earrings and shoes, and kept the hat.

hat and earrings, Target
shoes and shorts, Urban Outfitters
shirt, DIY
belt, thrifted

Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY: Ankle Strap Wedges

I've been seeing ankle strap wedges all over the blogosphere. Even though it goes against years of the advice, "don't wear shoes with ankle straps, it cuts off your legs and makes you look shorter!!" I still absolutely love the shape (and secretly think it makes your legs look longer).

And so when I was looking for shoes for my college's end of the year formal, this image suddenly popped into my head.

Matiko ankle strap wedges on the left, my Target wedge booties on the right - do you see what I see??

I've had these Target wedge booties since January but only ever worn them once. They're super comfy and super cute, but their color (a weird olive/beige/brown) just never seems to match with anything. After some paint and a hack job, here's what I came up with:

What you need:
Wedge booties you don't mind cutting up
Scissors (or x-acto knife)
Chalk or marker
Paint (depending on what type of fabric your shoes are made of, or whether you even want to change the color)

What you do:
1) Try shoes on and mark where you want to cut them down. (Note: these pictures were taken after one coat of black paint, so the color looks a little weird)

2) Take a deep breath and hack into the shoes. Carefully.

One down, one to go!

3) Paint shoes.

4) Apply a small amount of fabric glue to the edges that you just cut to make sure the cut part doesn't fray or wear away. If you don't have glue that will dry clear, do this before you paint your shoes. Otherwise, you're done!

 And a sneak preview of my Operation Stunna Cum Laude post coming later today!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 1: Stunna Cum Laude

I decided to go easy on my first day and wear my go-to casual dressy outfit. I did blowdry my hair using a diffuser for the first time ever today though and I'm totally sold - I love how it makes my wavy/frizzy hair so curly! It also occurred to me that I should try taking close up shots in the future, like of my jewelry or shoes, to spice up my routine-ish photos. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

I did a messy DIY today so my hands were all dirty, thought I should share the sentiment.

dress, F21 - boots, thrifted - blazer, Urban Outfitters - necklace, DIY

Friday, April 13, 2012

Operation Stunna Cum Laude

In exactly one week from now, I will be chugging sipping my celebratory bottle flute of champagne after I finally turn in my thesis. This means two things. First, I will not be posting much until then (in case you couldn't tell by my total absence the past few days). Secondly, I will not exactly be the epitome of fashion until then.

Or will I??

In an attempt to combat these two rather unpleasant things over the next week, I've come up with a challenge for myself: Operation Get The F*** Out Of Bed And Fix Your Hair Stunna Cum Laude. The idea is, if you dress nicely, you feel nicely. If you just wear sweats and hoodies, you feel not nicely.

So basically, my challenge for the next week is to get up every morning (meaning no sleeping in), wear nice-ish clothes (not just jeans and the closest tshirt), put on nice-ish shoes (comfy heels or cute flats), do my hair (more or less), wear make up (or at least mascara which is about all I normally wear), eat properly (but with as much caffeine as necessary), and make sure I see the sun at least once every day.

Pretty manageable right? To make sure I do it though, I'll be taking a picture everyday and posting it here, which kinda fixes unpleasant thing number one except it'll just be pictures of me which isn't terribly exciting.

I'm counting today as a by-day (hey, I make the rules around here) but here's a tutorial for how to curl soft waves from my new blog obsession Hair and Makeup by Steph.

Couldn't resist including this one hehe