Monday, April 2, 2012

Color Confession

I know I've been all about yellow recently, but I think it's high time that I admitted something. I've never considered myself a pink kind of girl. The color has its merits, but I've never been particularly attracted to it.

Sort of. Since high school, I've been increasingly in love with super pale pink, dusty rose, blush, whatever you call it. It's almost what you would call an all-out obsession. But this sort of pink is really just kind of a warm white, right? So I still excluded myself from being a "pink girl."

That is, up until about two months ago when I realized that I had just bought, without hesitation, neon pink loafers and a pink coffee mug in one go. This was quickly followed by a bright pink skirt from Goodwill, the discovery of a very pink sundress in the depths of my closet, and of course the completion of my neon pink giraffe scarf. We're talking all undeniably, unmistakably, super duper pink.

So, confession, I love pink. Especially bright or neon pinks with summer coming up. And yes, expect to see that bright pink Goodwill skirt in another upcoming DIY. Hint.

My bright pink collection, in all its glory.

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