Friday, April 13, 2012

Operation Stunna Cum Laude

In exactly one week from now, I will be chugging sipping my celebratory bottle flute of champagne after I finally turn in my thesis. This means two things. First, I will not be posting much until then (in case you couldn't tell by my total absence the past few days). Secondly, I will not exactly be the epitome of fashion until then.

Or will I??

In an attempt to combat these two rather unpleasant things over the next week, I've come up with a challenge for myself: Operation Get The F*** Out Of Bed And Fix Your Hair Stunna Cum Laude. The idea is, if you dress nicely, you feel nicely. If you just wear sweats and hoodies, you feel not nicely.

So basically, my challenge for the next week is to get up every morning (meaning no sleeping in), wear nice-ish clothes (not just jeans and the closest tshirt), put on nice-ish shoes (comfy heels or cute flats), do my hair (more or less), wear make up (or at least mascara which is about all I normally wear), eat properly (but with as much caffeine as necessary), and make sure I see the sun at least once every day.

Pretty manageable right? To make sure I do it though, I'll be taking a picture everyday and posting it here, which kinda fixes unpleasant thing number one except it'll just be pictures of me which isn't terribly exciting.

I'm counting today as a by-day (hey, I make the rules around here) but here's a tutorial for how to curl soft waves from my new blog obsession Hair and Makeup by Steph.

Couldn't resist including this one hehe


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