Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Wow okay so last week did not go according to plan. Obviously. The last few days of my thesis were much much more brutal than I had anticipated, or anything I had ever experienced before. Panic attacks, crying, throwing away large chunks of writing, re-writing 30+ pages a night, my advisor saying the amount of data I collected was enough for a dissertation... Yeah, it all happened. I'll try and get my outfit posts up soon.

In the end though, I got to hold 150 pages of my own research and it was all okay. After a hard cider (or six) and 40+ hours of sleep this weekend.

SO. Here's what I'm doing over the next couple weeks (my last at college - eek!!).

1) Sewing like a maniac to finish all the projects I've started but somehow just never finished...
2) Cleaning out my closet and giving/selling it to you, my readers!!
3) Posting a lot about FreePeople and all of their wonderful summery, hippie clothing I wish I could own. Among other DIY inspiration projects.

Guess which kind this post is:

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