Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY: Leather Chevron Necklace

The best kind of DIY's are the ones you can do in 20 minutes right when you wake up, still in your pajamas. Like this one:

The original inspiration. Not sure where I found this - let me know if it's yours so I can credit it!

And my version of it

What you need:
Leather (or stiff fabric of some kind)
Thin chain
Jump rings (or in my case, links off a bigger chain)
Safety pin (or other poking-holes-in-fabric-thing)

I'm in love with this leather - it's so soft! I have tons left over, I need to make more things out of it! 

What you do:
1) Roughly trace out a chevron shape. I really just free-handed it.

2) Cut out three of those chevrons, then attach two jump links to both sides of each one.

 3) Measure and cut a length of chain as long as you want the necklace. Attach the jump links.

I still want to add some small gold (or black?) details at the bottom of the last chevron, but I didn't have anything on hand at the time. Also probably will want some fabric stiffener since I used pretty soft leather. Joann's run this week? Yes.

And just because I know someone will wonder: the woman selling me the fabric in Boston said it was made from recycled bits of real leather. BUT it was only 4.99 a yard, so I'm pretty damn sure its just faux leather.

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