Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Going to the Gym

With my recent detox part two post, I thought it'd be neat to share what my typical workout entails. I'll have to apologize as this doesn't really have anything to do with fashion/DIY'ing... Also, I am by no means a gym buff (as will become abundantly clear in about two paragraphs), but I've just found this is what works for me.

First up, the outfit:
Super unfancy - usually just some gym shorts, sports bra and the first t-shirt I pick out of my drawer (my campus gives out t-shirts like they're going out of style so I have probably 30 or so at this point). There's tons of more expensive work out clothing but really, I'm just going to get it sweaty, so for me there's no point.
Pictures just because they're fun! These super hot gym shorts are remarkably similar to the ones I wear.

I still have one of the old school iPod nanos, which works SO well for gym-time since it's tiny and fits in my handy dandy iPod nano armband. Imagine that.

I also cannot workout without constantly chugging water, so I keep my water bottle with me at all times. Note: make sure any water you drink during/directly after a workout isn't too cold - drinking super cold water when I'm working out makes my stomach hurt, probably because of the huge temperature difference.

My routine:
I usually warm up by stretching really well for a few minutes, then biking for roughly 15 minutes. Biking is bad for my misaligned knees but I like it so I do it anyways. Do not follow this advice.

If only it would get warm enough so I can actually go somewhere when I bike. Dreamy sighhhhh.

Next, if an elliptical machine is open, I'll usually do that for however long I can stay not bored (30-40 minutes).

Then, since I dislike (read: am scared of and intimidated by) the actual exercise machines, I stick to doing more isometric exercises - that is, using my body weight as resistance. Push-ups, planks, crunches, pilates, yoga, mostly whatever I'm in the mood for that day.

My music:
Although I'm usually good with my trusty nano, I sometimes mix it up with a Pandora station (Ellie Goulding, LMFAO, and Party Like A Rockstar being prime choices). Here's some of the songs currently on my gym workout playlist

Music is the ultimate motivator, as demonstrated by this adorable baby.

The aftermath:
Besides a nice cool shower (good for your skin/hair and feels great after being all sweaty), I've found that clementines are the absolute best post-workout snack. And portable, so you can even snack on your walk back from the gym! Yumyumyum.

And that's pretty much it! I'd love to hear what you guys do, listen to, motivate yourself with, etc!

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