Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blue Valentine Series: Tassel Earrings

Got plans for Valentine's Day this year? In addition to the usual cookie-baking, sappy romance movie watching, and wine-drinking, I'm starting my Blue Valentine's Day series!

Why blue, you ask? Although I love any excuse to wear things plastered with red, pink and glittery hearts, I find that most Valentine's Day themed DIY's are too cheesy to wear the other 364 days of the year. (Note: this does not apply to baked goods. Heart-shaped cookies are good year-round) So instead I'll be doing one blue-inspired project a day, for the three days leading up to Valentine's.

Up first we have tassel earrings! And yes, I know they're technically black but think of it as a really dark blue.

Tassel earrings with bead accent a la Jason Wu at NYFW

What you need:
Tassels or embroidery floss (since most tassels I've found at stores are too fat for my taste, I made my own - there are tons of good how-to's online, like this one or this)
Earring hooks
Jewelry wire
Tacky Glue (not shown)
Decorative beads (optional)

What you do:
If not using a bead, just attach your tassel to the earring hook via a jump ring. Otherwise...

1) String bead onto jewelry wire and make a loop at either end.

2) Attach one end of the loop to the earring hook

3) Attach the other end of the loop to the tassel and use tacky glue to secure (it dries clear). You can also add an extra jump ring here if you want the tassel to move more freely.

4) Wait until dry, then wear!

It's kinda hard to see the earrings since my hair is dark-ish, so here's an extreme close up. I don't know why my hair looks red...

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