Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shirred Copycat Skirt Tutorial

Okay, well by popular demand (okay, two people), here's the tutorial for my DIY'ed shirred skirt! It's kind of confusing if you're unfamiliar with sewing, so feel free to ask me to clarify things!

Another picture of Rebecca modeling, just cause I think it's adorable.

What you need:

A bodycon/formfitting skirt to use as a pattern
Jersey knit fabric
A sewing machine
A ballpoint sewing machine needle
Lots of pins
Tissue paper

What you do:
1) Trace a formfitting skirt onto your fabric and cut two pieces (this will be your lining). With your tissue paper underneath your fabric (so the "teeth" can get a better grip), sew up the sides with a zig zag stitch (so the fabric can stretch without breaking your seam) and your ballpoint needle (so that the jersey doesn't catch the needle and cause runs). This will be the "lining" of the skirt.

2) Cut two vertically stretched out versions of the above pieces (don't know how else to describe it - basically exaggerate the length of your skirt by like 1.5X, depending on how much shirring you want. the longer you cut this piece, the more shirring your skirt will have). 

3) Baste up the sides of each piece with a long stitch. Pull the threads to "scunch"(yes, that's the technical term) your fabric until each side of both pieces matches the length of the lining piece.

4) Attach the two long strips of fabric to one of the scunched pieces using pins in whatever design pleases you. I'd recommend not making any X like this too even, or it'll have that awkward "X marks your crotch" effect. But to each their own!

Sorry the color is weird in some of these photos...

5) Sew the X design down, again using the tissue paper and zig zag stitch. Cut off any extra fabric.

6) With right sides together, sew the X'ed scunched piece to the other scunched piece at the side seams.

7) Try on the lining and the outer skirt, and take in seams as needed to make it fit properly. Press the side seams down.

It looks kind of funny just laid out...

8) Sew the lining and the outer skirt together around the top of the skirt, with right sides together (so the lining will actually be outside the scunched pieces). Flip it right side out and top stitch around the bottom to close it off.

Steps 9 and 10 here

Gimme yo' questions!

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