Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY: Shirred Copycat Skirt

Remember me talking about the jersey skirt I sewed for a friend forever ago? No? Irrelevant. I sewed my friend a skirt! Here's the inspiration:

I saw it on Pinterest originally (before I realized I should actually mark where I got photos, d'oh!) and immediately put it in my "Make This!!" file on my desktop. Well, with hips like mine, emphasizing them with shirring is a big no-no. But this still looked like a really neat project, so I decided to make it for a slightly more lithe friend of mine.

And I'm pretty damn happy with the outcome:

Awwww whatta cutie!

Extreme close up! She picked out a red jersey, which I super love.

I was going to try and post a step-by-step DIY but it was just getting super cumbersome and boring. If anyone really wants to know how to make this skirt, I can post it. Otherwise, let's skip to the best part of any DIY project. Step 9!


10) Now, MODEL POSE!

Thanks Rebecca for posing for me!!

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