Friday, February 17, 2012

Detox Plan: Phase 2

So four weeks ago I posted the first phase of my detox plan for the rest of the semester to help me stay sane until I turn in my thesis and then graduate/move into the "real world." I've stuck with the plan pretty well, but quickly learned several things about myself:

First, I actually really really enjoy going to the gym (collective gasp). I weirdly like pushing myself physically in the gym, especially after days just sitting around in class or studying. I've started noticing subtle changes in my body too - I feel stronger and at least slightly more toned that I did four weeks ago, which is a great feeling. It's sometimes hard to make time for the gym, but it's so rewarding for me when I do go.

Second, I'm getting very tired very quickly of dining hall food. After four years of eating more or less the same thing, it's getting hard to be creative. As a result, I tend to buy a lot of snacks and meals that are typically less healthy than what I would eat in the dining hall. I also work at coffee shops frequently and am becoming slightly addicted to chai tea lattes and croissants.

As a result, (and my third lesson learned) I realized that I spend much more money than I should, specifically on food, but also just in general. So I'm adding a lifestyle detox component to the next phase, especially in relation to money. 'Tis the life of a poor college student, right?

So taking all this into account, here's my plan for my next six-week phase of detoxing:

Exercise: I'm amping up my workout schedule, really pushing myself to go at least four times a week. This may become slightly unrealistic once midterms hit, but it's a goal. Not much new here.

Food: I feel like I often forget how much I actually really love fruit and steamed vegetables, so I definitely want to up my intake. And even though one of my goals is to spend less money, I want to eat more fish which is something I may have to spend on. I'm okay with it though since it's in the interest of health. Less pastries at coffee shops, fewer purchased (unhealthy) snacks, more water and tea, vegan days three times a week now, and only giving into my love of wine, coffee, and chocolate occasionally. Everything in moderation, even moderation! I'm still going to work at my beloved coffee shops, but maybe fewer times a week

Lifestyle: Pretty self explanatory, really. I want to start saving money more regularly, and spend less frivolously. Or rather, I want to spend my money on high quality basics that will last me a long time, instead of on things that are expendable or compulsive purchases. Unfortunately, this includes reigning in my DIY'ing a bit. Meaning, I'm going to try and use things I already have for DIY's for the next six weeks - not all of them, but just more. I have a gigantic bin underneath my bed of fabric scraps and old clothes I need to alter, so I'm going to tackle that!

And that's pretty much it! Let me know if you have questions or suggestions or your own tips for how to detox!

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