Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blue Valentine Series: Embroidered Sweater

The inspiration:
via ???

The outcome:
Today's been super busy, so this is about as good of an "outfit picture" as we're gonna get for now!

What you need:
A sweater
Embroidery floss
Chalk or pencil
A darning needle (essentially a large sewing needle)

What you do:
1) Trace out the word or picture you want in chalk on your sweater. I chose the french word "bleuissant" meaning, "to make blue" or "to turn blue". Appropriate right? I printed it out just to give myself an idea of what it would look like, then sketched out the letters by hand.

2) Stitch along the lines using your embroidery floss and needle. Here's a good explanation of a couple basic embroidery stitches - backstitching or a stemstitch would probably be your best bet for letters.

3) Flaunt headless

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