Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY: Jersey Maxi Skirt

Sorry for the back to back skirt DIY's but I went a little sew-crazy this weekend! (Hint: there's still at least two more coming.) I got some wonderful jersey knit material a few weeks ago to make a skirt for a friend and decided I had to get some more to make myself a skirt too. And considering my recent obsession with maxi skirts, I figured I'd give DIY'ing myself one a go! Although jersey knit is SUPER tricky to work with (took me about three hideously wavy hems to figure out the tissue paper trick), I love how it feels and weighs, as you can see in the following smile/grimace of excitement:

To make it, I basically took a huge rectangle of fabric (as tall as from my waist to the floor, and two or three times as wide as my waist/hips), sewed it up the side, and folded over the top to put in elastic. I didn't even hem the bottom since jersey knit doesn't fray.

This is the comfiest skirt I think I've ever worn. It's like a permanent blanket. I can sit in pretty much any position (excluding maybe upside down) and I'm covered! I'm still gathering the courage to cut a slit in it though. I'm thinking maybe along the side seam so I can sew it back up if I hate it?

Also, I'm obviously still figuring out how to wear it. I think something along the lines of this top would work better:

Cropped, minimal, and colorful to balance out the heaviness of the skirt (especially since it's black - a more colorful skirt coming soon, I promise!). The question is then, what kind of shoes do I wear with something like this (I'm barefoot in the pictures, hehe)?? I think sandals would be ideal but not an option considering it's winter...

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