Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY: Leather Clutch/Computer Case

Speaking of leather... Last summer, there were DIY's all over the place about how to make a large (usually leather, usually painted) clutch. So I tried one, way back in July last year. And let me tell you - sewing leather is hard. But after about 15 failed attempts, I finally came up with this. It's probably one of my favorite projects, so I don't know why I haven't shown it yet.

The leather (also faux and/or recycled real leather) was originally a light brown color that I really didn't like, so I stained the top part of the clutch with brown acrylic paint, and the bottom with white and then teal paint. I went total matchy-matchy and even got teal silk for a liner and a teal zipper. Once I had it all sewn together, I spray painted a clear acrylic top coat and it's held up pretty well since then!

Unfortunately, it turned out to be too impractical as a clutch for a college student with lots-o-books, but it just so happens to fit my computer perfectly. Score.

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