Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Valentine Series: Ombre Fringe Necklace

On the second day of Blue Valentine, I decided to try and make... the ever-popular fringe necklace, this time actually featuring the color blue!

The inspiration

The outcome

I originally wanted to bleach the blue fringe to make it ombre from white to blue, kind of the reverse of this one. However, apparently the fringe I bought would be impervious to nuclear attack, because even after an hour of sitting in undiluted bleach, it was still as blue as ever. So onto Plan Silver Sharpie!

What you need:
Necklace clasp
Pliers of some sort
White or silver sharpie (or bleach, if your fringe is less hearty than mine)

What you do:
1) Cut a length of chain as long as you want your necklace (keeping in mind that the fringe will hang down a bit), and attach the necklace clasp to the chain.

It's a heart! Kinda.

2) Sharpie (or bleach) the ends of your fringe. If you're feeling thorough, flip the fringe over and color the back side too. My sharpie was dead by this point though, so I didn't. I also added some extra glue at the top and sides of my fringe just so it wouldn't unravel.

3) Whip-stitch, sew, glue, or otherwise attach your fringe to the chain at the center.

4) Wear!

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