Friday, February 3, 2012

Third Time's the Charm?

Here's what I've been working on the past... four months or so. Yes, another maxi skirt. I present to you: the life (and death) of a couple pieces of cloth.

Version 1: a very failed attempt at re-creating this amazing skirt over at A Pair and A Spare (my fabric was much too stiff/heavy). So failed that I didn't even bother taking photos. But here's hers!

She gathered most of the fabric at the back so it looks amazing when she's walking!

Version 2: a not quite so violently failed attempt at re-creating this silk maxi skirt. I found this beautiful reddish orange sheer material about a month after the above fiasco and knew I wanted to make a maxi skirt out of it, so decided to use the above material as a liner. Unfortunately, the pattern calls for a waistband, interfacing, and an invisible zipper - none of which I have any experience with. Ended up looking kinda lumpy and uneven - the fabric pulls in weird places. It's also way too long, and not really the color I thought it would be. Though it strangely looks not too bad in this photo.

Color of the fabric turned a weird orange color with the nude lining.

Version 3 and 4: my next-door-neighbor and beautiful soul of a friend saw the cast-aside skirt and immediately suggested I make a fishtail hem skirt out of it. Such a cool idea, except when I tried it, the waistband was still fugly (again, didn't even bother taking a picture). So I undid the whole thing, took out the lining (yes, the original fabric), and put in an elastic waistband. Without the nude lining, the awesome burnt orange color of the fabric shows, which I like a lot better. Not sure what I'm doing with the original fabric but I'm pretty damn happy about how this one turned out!

 Sorry for the picture overload, but the first two don't really show how sheer the material is. It's more like in this last one (of me primping in the mirror and totally missing the picture).

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