Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Home Inspiration Series, Part 2

Tip number two for how to make your room home-y:

Get a rug

Especially if you have laminate floors, and at least a small rug if you have hardwood, just to mix it up a bit. And to prove how awesome rugs actually are, here's a visual demonstration, courtesy of YoungHouseLove. Literally nothing is different between the pictures besides the rug. Well, and the dog.

Boring, boring, OMG DESIGN MAGAZINE! Room is so much brighter with the rug

And, because I'm still awesome, here's even a DIY for this divine faux grass rug!!

And then here's more proof/inspiration.

Images via abigailahern.wordpress.comAnthropologiethatsnotmyageMichael GraydonSoLovelyDecorationLayla GraceVKModernisticDesignSacramentoStreetmaleneb (tons of great rug ideas here)pinterest

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