Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Sidebar: what is it with bloggers and title alliteration? Suckers for cheese I suppose.

Anyways, this is probably the biggest blogger-cliche of all time, but I've recently been crushing HARD on two Instagram feeds and thought I'd share the awesome.

First up? @thedogist with his PUPPIES!!!!! And by puppies I mean beautifully photographed dogs around the world, some up for adoption, some missing limbs or traditional cuteness factors, but all so full of personality and life. I've followed "dog a day" type accounts before but these little guys are in an insta-class of their own (see? Hardcore cheesin').

This mean muggin fellow's name is Jesus. I like to think it's pronounced Hay-sus.

Pixel. The most aptly named dog EVER.


The phrase "I can't even..." has never been more appropriate.

And secondly, this gorgeous gal, @dinatokio. Each blogger has their own unique style, yes, but this darling is so genuinely refreshing. Modest, yes, but an absolute inspiration in a sea full of half-naked-on-a-beach-cause-this-swimwear-company-sent-me-here-to-take-Instagram-photos photos. She keeps sneak-peeking a collection she designed too (see the second photo), which I'm very excited to see!

SUCH SASS. And I would totally borrow those glasses and never return them.

Dress. Jeans and heels. City. All of it. Yes.

I would wear this everyday and sometimes to sleep

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