Monday, August 8, 2011

new things!

So this weekend, I originally intended to copy this $200 bag that I've been drooling over:

However, I quickly realized how F#%*&@)ing hard it is to work with leather. Especially since I don't have the proper foot presser so it kept sticking and warping the leather :/ whoops. So this project quickly devolved into this:

Again, sorry for the crappy camera, I'll fix that eventually... I absolutely adore this leather though, it's super soft and this amazing warm ivory color (very much unlike the weird yellow color in the picture...). Maybe I'll work my way up to that beautiful inspiration piece, but for now it's just nice to have a small clutch to throw all my stuff in :) p.s. that red lining is the bombdiggity.

In other news, I'm back to being a brunette again!! Not sure I'm loving the color, but it was time for a change. haha I wonder if I'll keep doing this dark brunette/blonde alternating hair dye for the rest of my life... Maaaaaybe! Pictures later if I can summon the courage to take them!

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