Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY: Shoulder Cut-out Dress

Cut-out dresses and shirts have been popping up everywhere since this summer.

Love the color and shape of this top

Pretty typical dress with cutout sides - still gorgeous!

Long sleeved shirts with the backs slashed, shoulders peeping through button down tops, dresses with waists peeking through... And then I saw this beauty in an ad on the side of a page actually.

I absolutely adore the gold rimmed shoulders! It kind of looks like metal, but I think that'd make moving your arms a little difficult...

I didn't even look at the price tag, because I knew that it would be so easy to do it myself (I guess advertising does work, though the outcome was probably not what they hoped for)! So I tucked it away in my ever-growing "Make this!" folder on my desktop. I thought no more of it until I was rummaging through my donate bin and found this ill-fitting, oversized black Old Navy shift I wore once for a play (in which I played a dowdy 30-year-old woman).

Again, sorry it's such a crappy photo... Old camera still... Dress awkwardly displayed on top of another one of my recent DIY projects, my rug!

I immediately ran to Joann's to get gold trim, cut the shoulders off the dress (eyeballed it, no science here!), took up the hem, and baste-stitched the trim on! Et voila!

I actually got a round of applause when wearing this dress. Yay!

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