Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY: No-Sew (sort of) Kindle Case

I got a Kindle Fire as a graduation present a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. It's so easy to carry around and fits in all but my smallest purses. However, I hate having it scraping around in my purse with my sunglasses, stray bobby pins, pens, etc so I decided I needed a case for it. And since I was feeling exceptionally lazy, I decided to glue one together.

Note: this same method totally works with iPads, journals, iPods, computers, phones, etc!

What you need:
Fabric of your choice
Fleece or padding
Stiff interfacing (fusible would be best)
Closure of some sort
Big needle
Embroidery thread

What you do:
1) Layer your Kindle (or other electronic device) on top of the fleece, on top of the interfacing, on top of the fabric (right side down).
Interfacing is the white layer

2) Cut a good inch around the Kindle, then trim down each layer so the fleece is the smallest.
I shifted the interfacing so the fabric overlapped evenly on all sides

3) Repeat the step above, but include a block or triangle of fabric and interfacing (not fleece) above the Kindle to eventually be the flap that folds over the case. NOTE: it would be a good idea to measure the piece you made above and copy it, so they match up in the end.

4) Glue the fabric over the edges of the interfacing (or fuse them together). 

5) This would be a good time to attach your closure except I was dumb and didn't :/

6) Glue down another piece of fabric on the other side of the flap (so it looks pretty on both sides).

7) Glue down some fleece on both pieces.

8) Google how to do a blanket stitch, and "sew" the two pieces together while watching Modern Family and New Girl.

9) Sooo pretty!!

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