Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to DIY: Copy, Paste, Sew

Want an easy first DIY sewing project but don't know where to start? Copy an old knit shirt or skirt!

What you need:
Tank top, shirt, skirt etc that fits you well and is simply made (doesn't require buttons or zippers to get into)
Knit fabric (stretchy)
Sewing machine

What you do:
1) Double over the fabric so that the "right sides" (i.e. the pretty/front side) together, so that the wrong side is up.

2) Lay out your tank top on the fabric. Measure and mark a one inch border around the whole thing.  You may have slightly different front and back necklines, so just mark the fabric differently.
Remember this bow tank top? I made it using this same method!

3) Cut out along those lines.

4) Sew up the side seams and across the shoulders, then hem the neckline and sleeves.

5) Whammo, bammo, you've got yourself a new custom fit tank top!

 6) Cue model Ben. He's a geology major - can you tell?

 My favorite picture of the entire shoot. So ANTM.

This other tank was struggle bus to get on, so instead we took photos of my newly DIY'ed purse.

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