Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY: Tribal Poncho Hoodie Shawl... Thing

I really can't figure out what to call this recent mini-trend. Is it a shawl? No, it's got a hood. It's certainly not a hoodie, but it's not exactly a poncho either. Eh, you get the idea. 

Best part of this DIY? No sewing machine required!!

What you need:
Woven tribal print fabric (or an old blanket)
Large-ish needles
A variety of embroidery floss
A couple toggle buttons (not pictured)

What you do:
1) Cut two shapes like this. Make sure they're big enough to fit over your head into a hood.

 2) With wrong sides together (the "pretty sides" facing out), overlock stitch the curved sides of the hood pieces together so that the stitches show on the outside of your hood. Reminds me of a dinosaur :)

Switch embroidery floss colors at random, tying the strands together on the underside of the hood.

3a) Cut a large rectangle of the fabric. I have NO idea how I didn't get a photo of this step so here's a crude mock-up...)

3b) Sew the hood onto the middle of the long edge however you like. I was going for a freeform look so I just used a variety of running stitches and "x" pattern stitches. (Note the stitching on the outside of the hood!)

4) Take that top edge and fold it down so the edges meet in the center; position your toggle buttons (make sure the hooks are both on one side and the buttons on the other!)

5) Glue and/or sew your toggle buttons down. Since they won't be taking much stress, I just used a couple stitches.

6) Done!


  1. where did you get that particular fabric? its EXACTLY what i want! but not sure where to look?

    1. Oh boy I don't even remember! It was probably Joanns?? It was forever ago so I'm not sure if they'd have it anymore :(