Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY: Cork Flower Pot Dish

Let's talk plants. I put up this beautiful glass shelf a couple weeks ago in my dining nook to hold all my plants, but hated the thought of hiding it under a bunch of ugly flower pots and dishes. Enter my solution!

Cork! It fits with my neutral/white/pops of color thing I've got going on in my kitchen and living area, and is low-profile enough to not take away from all my pretty plants! The cork naturally absorbs water that might leak out from the soil, saving your shelf. However, I definitely recommend watering your plants in the sink and letting them drain there for a few minutes.

I took a roll of cork (you can get it at pretty much any crafts store), traced and cut out circles, and that was it! I made a few sizes, so you can see some...

...and others are pretty hidden! I couldn't help but hide this little adorable little owl along with it.. 

Another good flowerpot dish? A teacup and saucer! I just plopped this little guy and his pot inside this teacup and that's it!


  1. Hey! I have one of those little pink spotted plants on my desk, they get kinda huge after a while. I made the error of trying to support their growing upwards, but they really want to drift to the side and grow mini spotty leaves from their stems. They're really cute

    1. Haha really? Mine is slowly but surely dying, so if you have any tips... Of course, the only windows I have face almost due east and west, so I'm realizing plants are going to be tough until I can get them out on my patio thing :/