Friday, March 29, 2013

Riddle (And Photo!) Of The Month

Happy Friday my lovelies! It's been a crazy long week, and an even crazier, even longer month. I missed last month's riddle (forgive me?) so this month I'm raising the stakes two ways, just cause that's how I roll. 

First, in addition to monthly riddles, you're now also getting monthly photos by yours truly, mostly cause I'm a visual person and it's hard for me to imagine many posts without pretty pictures to look at. They'll range from film photos I took in high school and college (like the one below) to digital snapshots I've taken on my various travels.

And secondly, a real prize! Winner of this week's riddle gets a $10 gift card to an Etsy shop of their choice (though you're always welcome to ask me to make you something)! Yay for supporting small business owners!

March Riddle
Send me away, my kin returns
Unless some harm to him befell.
If you should find my smallest part,
You'll find my name as well.

Green tomatoes in their dried out skins - taken with an ancient film Nikon camera, developed and printed by me


  1. Is it a letter? If you send one, kin might write you back. The smallest part of writing are letters of the alphabet, hence the double meaning.

    1. Hi Marisa! YES!! Even though I'm four months late, you still want that $10 Etsy gift card? :)