Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Home: Colorblock Framed Mirror

One, happy Spring!!
Two, know what one of the best things about having your own place is? Being able to paint a square of wall this pretty bright yellow, and no one can say anything about it!

What you need:
A mirror
Painter's tape
Bright paint (those 8oz paint samples are perfect for this)
Drop cloth (newspapers works just fine)
Hooks or drawer knobs (I got mine at World Market)

What you do:
1) Start off with an area that is in desperate need of color. Even a pretty mirror doesn't make this area less boring...

2) Hang your mirror and tape off an area around it, making sure you're leaving extra room at the bottom for hooks and that you're square (though a circle or triangle frame could also be super cool!). Sorry for the dumb face and masking tape. I was really excited, and it was all I had...
Oh, and ever wonder what camera I use? No? Well, this little point-and-shoot is it.

3) Take down your mirror (but leave in the screw!) and carefully paint in that box. My paint said to do at least two coats, waiting an hour or two between. I kind of liked the post modernism of just a huge yellow square on my wall...

4) Hang your mirror back up. Mark where you want your hooks to go, and screw them in.

5) Done! Seriously brightens up this dark corner in my apartment.

I kind of think it needs something else though. I'm tempted to paint the border of the mirror in another bright color, or add a chalk paint trim... what do you think??

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