Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY: Collar Necklace (Two Ways!)

First, remember this rad zebra print dress?? I need to find another occasion to wear it - right now it's hung as a psuedo-art piece on my wall, paired with this necklace. Though I am happy this altered black shift dress is finally getting some wear time thanks to my work dress requirements. Anyways, I can't really remember where I got the idea for these necklaces sooooo... let's just get to the DIY, shall we?!

What you need:
Thick gauge jewelry wire
Various types and thicknesses of chain
Some matching bells, bobbles, and charms
O jump rings

What you do:
1) Cut a piece of your thick gauge wire long enough to do this:

2) Bend the ends in like this, making sure that any pointy cut ends won't dig into your skin.

3) Cut various lengths of chains in two "matching" piles.

4) Attach each "pile" to one loop of your wire collar base. I used two jump rings for more security.

5) Add a few bobbles or bells or beads randomly along some of the chains on either side. And done!

5) You can also just make one "pile" of chain and attaching both ends to your wire collar base, to make a more necklace-like look.

Super easy and super cute!!

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