Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY: Catching Up

I began DIYing seriously last summer (2011) while I was in Boston for a summer internship. It was really a self-preservation thing as I didn't have a whole lot else to do... I started this blog towards the end of the summer, but didn't really "commit" to it until December. In the meantime, however, there were several DIY projects I finished. So just to catch you up, here's some that I think are worth showing (besides the usual "hem a thrifted skirt" thing):

A plain (thrifted) Anne Taylor dress. Formerly very conservative, now with deep U back. It's a super daring cut so I've actually only ever worn this dress out once and kept a shawl on the whole time. But I took in the dress so it fits me perfectly (rare for a non-stretch dress since I'm so curvy) and I LOVE it. So I really do need to find an excuse to wear it somewhere. And more often.

This was a dress I bought in high school at a boutique back home, for way more than I probably should have been spending at that point in my life. I adore the neck and cut of the dress, but it was originally a really weird beige color. So I dipped it in some black dye! Turns out I didn't leave it in long enough so came out a kind of dark/musty purple, but it was really pretty so I just left it.

A ridic easy dress (yes, dress - I know it looks like a long shirt... it's stretchy!) I whipped up one night before going out. I have a blue bodycon tank dress that fits me super well, so I traced it onto this stretchy black lace I had laying around, stitched it up, and viola! Easy peasy.

A necklace that I made one night while procrastinating work. Copied a design I saw online (can't remember where though). I've been in love with the black and gold combo recently. Maybe because of this song?

More gold, this time in the form of obnoxiously sparkly shoes. Super cheap (thrifted) flats, originally this hideous blue jeans color (you can still see it on the inside of the shoe), now an amazing gold. I love the rounded point toe, just the perfect shape. It's an awesome way to spice up the otherwise relatively simple/boring going out go-to outfit (say that five times fast) of skinny jeans and black tank top.

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