Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: Easiest Top Ever

So here's a top I made this past weekend from fabric I found in the Joann's ultra-clearance section at home: 3 bucks for 2 yards. SCORE.

What you need:
A yard(ish) of flimsy/soft fabric - if it's stiff at all, it'll stick out weirdly
A sewing machine (optional)
Fraycheck (optional)

What you do:
-Measure how wide you want the shirt to be on your shoulders, and how long on your torso.
-Cut out two pieces of fabric using these dimensions.
-Sew along the dotted lines in the photo (sorry I look so upset in the photo, I'm really not!):
1) With the right sides together, sew halfway up the two sides of your shirt (the unsewn top half will be where your arms go).
2) Sew the top together, leaving a hole for your head (so really just a few inches on either side of the top).
-Fraycheck all the unfinished seams (or hem them if you're feeling fancy).

Fun fact: this is the first time I think I've ever worn animal print anything. I still can't decide if I feel too old to be wearing leopard print, or too young, but I'm kind of digging it for now. Especially with these shoes - I need to wear them more often.

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pictures with crappy lighting... I'm working with just a point and shoot for now.

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