Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes Inspiration

I didn't actually realize the Golden Globes were last night until my Facebook and Twitter blew up about it this morning. Oops. Note to self: keep up to date on fashion and its major nights.

Anyways, here's a few of my favorite dresses, a few of which I may attempt to recreate (in more humble terms) somewhere down the road. Nude colors with delicate, lacy materials ruled the runway, with some bright flashes, and even my favorite black and gold combo! Close-fitting dresses with fishtail/mermaid cuts, and LOTS of sheer fabric (not panels anymore - SO five minutes ago apparently). Also, I think I'm in love with Gucci now. Even in spite of this song. (Or maybe partially because of it?)

Diana Agron (not a huge fan of the cut, but I love the idea of laser cut lace cut-outs - Giles Deacon)

Selma Hayek (gold and black! kind of too armageddon for me, but still awesome - Gucci)

Kristen Wiig (so casual yet beautiful - Bill Blass)

Kate Beckinsale (intense! I love the hem though - Roberto Cavalli)

Sarah Hyland (just gorgeous. hard to believe she plays a high schooler on TV - D&G)

Jessica Alba (UH-MAZING - Gucci)

Julie Bowen (I really just love her, and am super jealous of her ability to pull off a dress the exact same color as her skin)

Taissa Farmiga (cool Grecian vibes here - Vera Wang)

And finally, my favorite dress!! I adore the sheer paneling! So gracefully sexy - Emma Stone

Photos via mtv.com

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