Saturday, January 7, 2012

DIY: Hipster mug

I gave into my hipster side over break and decided to remake this adorable mustache mug while I was home! I didn't get a final photo of it before I gave it to my mom for a Christmas present but I think you get the idea.

via ???

What you need:
Ceramic mug of your choice
Ceramic paint
Water-soluble pen (not shown)

What you do:
1) Sketch outline of the mustache on the side of the mug with a pen.

2) Go over that outline with your paintbrush (I realized afterwards that this step would have been much easier if I had also gotten a ceramic paint pen to outline with...)

3) Let dry, then fill in the outline. I did two coats of the paint, though one mostly covered it.

4) Clean up the paint lines, bake your mug according to the paint instructions and you're done! So cute.

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