Monday, January 9, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials (Winter Edition)

How am I JUST NOW finding out about Polyvore?? Well, maybe because most of the things on it are lightyears out of my college budget... But I'm so glad I found it because it allowed me to do something I've wanted to do for quite a while: make a visual display of my wardrobe essentials (inspired by some of my favorite bloggers such as Geneva over at apairandaspare). Turns out I'm definitely a neutral (black, brown, white, cream) kind of person, though I love pops of bright colors and the occasional gold sparkle. And of course, I had to include some purple for school spirit!

Black and khaki winter coats; black, khaki, and colored skirts; white, black, and colored tanks (and tops); LBD; brown (riding) and black (heeled) knee boots; red statement shoes; black booties, flats and plain heels; tan low-heeled boots; scarves and hats in any/all colors; black blazer; blue, black, and dark colored (ex. dark green) jeans; camel sweater; blue jean shorts; trusty college colors shirt

A couple notes:
-Some of these things I have, some are still being searched for. After years of being let down by products from mass-market stores, I'm finally seeing the value in spending more for something that I'm going to wear for a long time, than spending less on a bunch of things that will a) break in a week and b) be out of style in a month. QUALITY over QUANTITY!
-This is an incomplete list, definitely geared more towards the current cold weather (hence why there are no sandals, etc).
-These aren't necessarily the exact items I want, just the general idea

I've got another entire spread of things I "need" in my wardrobe essentials but are more trendy so won't last more than a couple seasons. I'll put that one up here eventually too!

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