Sunday, September 9, 2012

On Canada And Recentering My Life

I've been sitting here for way too long trying to figure out how to explain the sequence of events that has lead me to this moment in my life. I could talk about how I've felt like a failure this whole summer, unable to get a job. I could talk about how I've watched from the bed in my childhood room as my friends scatter to the four corners of the earth for jobs and other various adventures. I could talk about how I cried. A lot. I could write about the Saturday nights I spent at home in my pajamas or even about how I finally moved into my own apartment because (without going too much into it), my house is not a terribly relaxing place for me.

But what I really want to talk about is Canada. Because at the end of this month, I'm making the move to Vancouver.
...and did I mention that I'll be driving there?

Basically, I was offered an internship with an event/conference planning company that's based in Vancouver but also has offices in Denver and Austria (yes, like the country). I've been thinking of trying my hand at marketing or event planning for a while now (anyone who's seen me plan a surprise birthday party will get this), and I am very ready for a change of scenery so I'm going! Good thing I already like hockey and maple syrup:

Yes, I am absolutely terrified to leave everything/everyone I've ever known (again) to move across the country by myself (again) to start anew in a city I've never seen before. No, I don't have an apartment there yet, or even know where to begin with that. Yes, I am unbelievably excited to do this. And yes, my travel path is more likely to look something like this:
Stops include: Redwood National Forest; world's largest ball of twine, KS; world's largest dinosaur (??), CA; Portland, OR; various friends throughout New Mexico and SoCal; world's largest hot dog, CO; world's largest cowboy boots, TX (of course); world's largest paper airplane, WA -- (And yes, I'd love a passenger or two to join me on some part of the national tour!)

With that said, I think I've decided to take a short break from blogging. I'll definitely still post occasionally, but I need some time to recover from this tough summer, kind of re-discover why I'm even doing this, where I want threadbare to go, what I want to focus on, etc. I hate doing this after being such a sucky blogger the past few months, but ultimately I think it shows that I do need to recharge and refocus.

I love you all, and I'm so thankful for you guys following me thus far! Stay tuned for chapter two - first is the worst, second is the best?

And just b'cause:

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  1. I've been disconnected for way too long, I wish I could've run to your room whenever you were feeling low, but Im probably one of the people (with all my traveling) that's not helping right now. I wish you the very very best my dear. When I come back from India, maybe I can hop over to Vancouver to pay you a visit. I love you! Keep strong! :)