Friday, September 28, 2012

Updates on Updates

So maybe I should explain myself.

1) Yes, I am still going to Canada, but since visas suck, I'll be hanging around here until January.

2) Yes, I did redesign the site again, but I really like this iteration and think I'll stick with it a while. How rad is that font??

3) Yes, I did do some soul searching about where I want this blog to go/what exactly I'm doing with it. Soooo.....
>>I want this to be more personal. Meaning more personal fashion posts, more posts that relate to me and my life and my style (though there will definitely still be some "oh, if only I had a million dollars I'd buy this ENTIRE COLLECTION" and "omg so shinyyyy" posts)
>>More DIY. Lots more. My sewing machine is broken still, so not quite sure how this is going to happen, but it will!
>>More inspiration. Because we could all use a little more everyday. See: my brand new Tumblr (!!!!!!!!!!!!), threads and thoughts.

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