Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home DIY Inspiration: Art Collage

I'm so late on the game here. Apparently I'm just now realizing that having a wall of art is something I can actually do in my own space... Especially since I'm going to have massive amounts of empty wall space in my new apartment that needs to be decorated on the cheap. Yay!! So here's some really great photos that are inspiring me in ways to create my own art collage, courtesy of one of my favorite Tumblr accounts, Home & Interiors.

>>I love that most of these pieces are very simple to DIY: pieces of paper, quotes, mirrors, bold necklaces hung on door knobs, simple art canvases, and other doodles hung with nothing more than some (paint-safe, hopefully) tape.

>>Pick some pieces that follow a similar general color scheme, frame some pieces with big bold frames and others not at all, put tiny things in big frames, and mix them all together. You can even just put a bunch of things on layered shelves so you can move, add, take away, and change things later on!

>>For an even more stunning effect, coordinate or contrast the furniture below to the art (maybe using a couch cover or by painting the table yourself?). I love the white couch accented by brightly colored pillows that mirror the art above! Great to DIY on a budget!

Can you tell I'm also digging plain white walls? Love it!

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