Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday: A Delayed Part Two

So to finally reveal what I've been hinting at the past few weeks of Thankful Thursdays...

1> This is the most amazing, all wool and fur vintage coat that one of my sweet co-workers back in Nashville gave me right before I left for Columbus. This is the real deal folks - it's beautifully made, fully lined, has huge pockets and these super cute vintage-y buttons, and she gave it to me for free (on the condition that I pass it along gratis to someone else when I no longer want it). Yes it is real fur, but its vintage and second/third hand, so I feel slightly less bad.
Oh and RU, I found the note you left in the pocket a couple weeks back and almost cried. Thank you!!!

2> And this is the gorgeous little key necklace that one of the high schoolers I worked with gave me right before I left. Such a sweet heart in this kid, I know he's going places!

3> Lunch dates with new friends. 'nuff said.

4> Chocolate milk. I can never seem to leave the grocery store without one of these, but it's such a great pick me up.

5> All of my things finally coming out of boxes, but mostly my adorable french press. I spend so much less on coffee now that I have this thing again.

6> Getting to go visit Nashville this weekend, even if one of my dear friends isn't going to be there (JS, I'd better see you soon!!!).

7> Being able to start back into DIYing and crafting. SO many ideas, I just need payday to roll around. Rent and food before jewelry, no matter how much I wish it were otherwise.

8> The beauty of winter. Otherwise, it would be an intolerable season.

9> This book. It's been just a beautiful read so far. It's dreamy and matter-of-fact and sentimental, with a touch of magical realism, without being too much of any.

10> And finally, fireplaces. It's been bitingly cold up here, so this has been a common sight this past week:
1, my socks really aren't that dirty, I promise! 2, I'm in love with these F21 leggings I got a few week back.

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