Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To: Create A Reading Nook

One thing I absolutely want to continue doing in my new apartment is separating my spaces. My bedroom in my last place was a no-technology zone, minus my iPhone for its alarm capabilities. I relaxed and watched movies on my couch and did work/ate at my table, and never the other way around. This helped me both sleep and concentrate better as my body knew that bed meant bedtime and not stressing out over applications.

And since my new space is MUCH larger than my place in Nashville, I will even get to create a separate reading nook!! I'm so pumped. Here's what I'm thinking about while planning for a proper reading nook:

>>Very importantly, a comfortable but supportive chair or lounge or corner. You want to be relaxed but not fall asleep, at least immediately. Post-reading naps are actually pretty wonderful though.
>>Potentially even more importantly than a good chair, a good light source. I'd recommend putting your nook near a window so you'll get natural light during the day, but also having a lamp nearby for good nighttime reading.
>>A side table to rest any tea, coffee, wine, cookies, cereal, etc you may want to consume.
>>A bookcase or other place to put your current books or ones on your to-read list (a shelf under your side table works!)
>>Keep it simple. Definitely surround yourself with pretty objects and decor that makes you happy but allow yourself to just enjoy being with a book!

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