Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursdays: 2013

Things that I'm grateful for this week:

1> I made it safely to Ohio! Even while driving a mini-van with a giant UHaul trailer behind it, going a max speed of 63 until I hit a 3-hour traffic jam. But still, I'm here! See this post...

2> And there's snow here! Lots of it! (Never thought I'd be so happy to see snow, but it weirdly is really comforting. There should be snow in winter.) Except it's supposed to be 60+ this weekend... Shorts!

3> Having amazing co-workers who welcome me to the team with this on my desk Monday morning :)

4> Being almost done with my first week of my real job!! Yes, it's still new and super exciting, but a Friday is a Friday still.

5> Finding an INCREDIBLE apartment so quickly after getting here! Can't wait to show you guys photos once I move in.

6> Beginning to explore this town and finding some amazing things already. Walked into the town center near my soon-to-be apartment and I find a tea shop, a community garden, a chocolate shop with free coffee, a nationally famous cupcakerie, a super hipster coffee shop, a bike shop, and a yoga studio. All within two blocks of each other. Gaaaaahhhhhh.

7> Songs like this one that get me pumped up for work when I'm super sleepy at 6am. Judge me all you want. And/or dance along.

8> Having my beautiful, hilarious, and so so thoughtful co-workers back in Nashville send me off in style, quite literally. I'll show you their generosity (seriously, it deserves its own Thankful Thursday) soon!

9> I found the library down here and already have a card and a mile long list of books I can potentially actually read now!

10> Starting to feel a little more in control of 2013. Just a little, but maybe that's enough for today.


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