Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY: A Bit of Teal Rebellion

After an impromptu almost-cross-country roadtrip, I'm finally home. First thing I do? Dye my hair tips teal.
And buy not-so-ironic hipster glasses (I'm looking at you, RHu)

This was a somewhat small act of "rebellion" against complacently sitting at home waiting for my future to fall in my lap. Staring at this giant cliff of graduation and the rest of my life, I decided that since I don't have a job yet and so am not tied down with work commitments etc yet, I might as well have some fun with it while I'm searching. Here's how I did it:

What you need:
Hair dye color of your choice
Old shirt you don't mind getting dyed/bleached
Hair bleach (optional, though recommended if you have dark hair)
Plastic gloves
Plastic wrap
Hair dryer

What you do:
1) Put on old shirt. Bleach the section of your hair that you want colored. Since I have pretty light hair anyways and didn't want the color super bright (and didn't want bleached hair tips once it faded) I skipped the bleach.

Look how excited I am about my light-ish hair!

2) PUT ON GLOVES. I didn't, with this as the result. Eek.

3) Separate hair into sections and apply dye to hair according to the directions for the dye. Make sure to work the dye into the hair really well so it doesn't end up patchy.

4) Wrap in plastic wrap and blast with your hair dryer on high heat for however long your dye instructions say. For me, it was about 40 minutes (or, roughly the length of a Psych episode).
Works best with dramatic lighting.

5) Rinse really really well and let air dry.

I aaaaaalsooooo have some really really exciting news that I can hopefully share with you guys tomorrow, so stay tuned!!! In the meantime, do you guys have any recent "rebellious" acts? Let me know what little things you've done to spice up your life!

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