Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Songs You Shouldn't Listen To On A Plane

I hate flying. Yes, it is actually really cool that humans have the technology to send a tin can full of people 30,000 feet in the air at 300 miles an hour. But still.

Anyways, so I set out this morning for New York and Boston and am making a playlist of songs to help pass the time on the plane. I've come along some that I really want to include but would just make me more nervous, a list I found hilarious and wanted to share. Enjoy! Click the song for a link to the video.

Plane by Jason Mraz
Cracks by the Freestylers (ft. Belle Humble)
Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine
Shot You Down by Audio Bullys (feat. Nancy Sinatra)
Bang! Bang! by The Knux
Into The Ocean by Blue October (especially if flying over an ocean)
100 Years by Five For Fighting
or ANYTHING by Explosions in the Sky...

Here are two that I will be listening to:

oh, and maybe this one :)

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