Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Shorts

As I sadly transition into the stifling heat of a Southern summer, I've come to the shocking revelation that I only own one pair of shorts. And they're great, but not so great as to totally dominate my summer shorts category.

So while shopping around for shorts, I've found that it seems as if anything goes for shorts this summer. Anything that is, except boring. Distressed denim, yes. Studded and/or lace pockets, doubly yes. Printed, super yes. Leather, yes but only when the humidity is under 60%. Tribal, hell yeah all the time yes. High-waisted and teal, yes but only with faux hipster glasses. Plain denim shorts, NO WAY JOSE.

My goal for the summer is to acquire and/or DIY each and every one of these shorts. Ready, set?

via: A Pair and a Spare, Classy Girls Wear Pearls (x2), Because Im Addicted (x2), Christeric, Could I Have That, DesignLoveFest, Fashion Toast, HonestlyWTF (x2), lefashionimage, Sincerely Kinsey, and Vanilla Scented

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