Wednesday, June 6, 2012


To give away the punch line, I've started an Etsy shop: ThreadbareShops!!

I've been wanting to expand my blog for a while, and my good friend Bernardo finally convinced me that an Etsy shop for things I'd be making anyways isn't a half bad idea. Especially so since I need moneys to get myself a new sewing machine, as mine broke last week...

In any case, here's the link:
(Also, if you currently attend or graduated from my alma mater, contact me for a super secret discount code!)

There's only a couple things up (though I'm working on a few more pretty simple things today and tomorrow so stay tuned!), mostly because I have no idea what you all would want to buy! Soooo give me suggestions! A version of my fringe earrings or necklace? Embroidered shirts/tanks/sweaters? My giraffe (or other animal of your choice) scarf? Mugs with pig noses on the bottom or mustaches on the side? Remember my sewing machine is broken so I can't do anything too crazy until I save up enough to get myself a new one :(

EDIT June 10th: More items up in the shop, go take a look!

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