Monday, December 31, 2012


This is my obligatory "goodbye 2012, helloooooo 2013" post. Except I really don't know what to say. The past year would be nearly impossible to sum up in any cohesive, coherent manner. There's been some amazing moments (graduating with honors, presenting my thesis, moving into my first apartment, meeting new friends and getting letters from old ones, reacquainting myself with my hometown) but some really really dark moments as well (being lied to and taken advantage of, being rejected 30 or 40 times from companies, having so many plans for my future fall through, feeling completely beaten and utterly worthless). And some days it seemed the bad far outweighed the good this year.

I'm also really not sure if I can even wrap it up with the phrase "it all happens for a reason" because I'm not sure if I believe it anymore - sometimes there's just no reason. But still, in just 24 short hours, I will drive away from Nashville like I've done so many times to go to so many places. Except this time, there's no reason for me to go back. I will fairly literally be seeing 2012 fade away in my rearview mirror.

And so I'll just say this. 2012, I will not particularly miss you. 2013, I'm ready.

I don't have one specific New Year's resolution (though I will finally post the rest of my Ten Day challenge after the 1st), but here's some challenges I've set for myself this year:

Learn how to clean a sewing machine
Go to three concerts
Master one new cooking technique each month
Go to reunion
Build the strength to do an unassisted handstand
Run a 5k
Participate in a triathalon
Read 1 book a month
Find two causes to support/volunteer for
Write friends once a month
Think seriously about getting a dog and a tattoo (decide if/when they would be appropriate or not)
Travel abroad
Watch one classic movie a month
Master one new cocktail each month
Write/journal more often
See three plays or ballets
Practice meditation regularly
Start a garden (indoor or outdoor)
Learn Wordpress

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