Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Job, Job, Job, Oh And Did I Mention A Job?

In case you were wondering why there was so much silence here this past week, here's your answer: I finally finally finally got a job!! It's not my ideal position exactly, but it's definitely on the path to where I want to be so Merry Christmas to me!! Best part is, my last day in my position here is New Year's Eve and I move out to an entirely new city on New Year's Day. How's that for a start to 2013??

So even though I have zero photos this week (see #10 - it was overall a slightly worse week even than last week), I'm still thankful for:

1-5> Finally having a job. So much so that it's allowed to count for five items.

5> Having six or seven DIY projects on my list (even though I've seen at least four of them pop up on various other bloggers' sites in the past 24 hours... great minds think alike?). I love having things to do.

6> Finding a deep red lipstick that doesn't make me look like a tramp. I love you MAC!

7> Having a clean space again. I can actually find things in my bathroom, kitchen, and closet again and it's awesome.

8> Discovering my new years resolution. Stay tuned on this one.

9> Finally getting a library card from the beautiful library downtown, and checking out far more books than I can actually read in three weeks.

10> My friends who helped me through this absolutely terrible past week, calling me out of the blue or texting me from another continent to calm me down from a panic attack. You guys are seriously the best.

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