Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Struggles and Successes

Sorry for the wall'o'text - pictures were a bit hard to come by this week. Definitely a goal for this next week! Anyways, this week I'm thankful for....

1) Getting to present my research to a group of well-published psychologists. The conference was so much fun and Long Island is gorgeous.

2) My family not only being able, but also willing to support me during my joblessness. Sucks having to depend so heavily upon DaddyATM©, but I'm lucky to be able to.

3) On a similar note, landing a job interview for a company that I am thrilled beyond measure about. No details yet until things are more settled, but excited nonetheless!

4) That even though I was barely able to get out of bed the past couple days, I did, and was able to make it worthwhile.

5) For finding inspiration in the strangest of places (I see you local bakery and closet from high school). SO MANY DIY IDEAS.

6) Beautiful views from my apartment patio.

7) The rain we've been having here recently. Makes me feel slightly more justified taking afternoon naps.

8) Long text conversations with friends who are 3 and 7 time zones away from me. BL and MH, you guys are wonderful and I'm so thankful that we've kept in touch.

9) Victoria's Secret coupons for free things in the mail!! And I guess mail in general. Letters are my favorite. hinthint.

10) And of course, being included in Liz of Cotton&Curls' leather week reader DIY post!!! So excited to be included in a list of such beautiful projects (which I am totally doing with all the leftover leather I somehow STILL have).

Here's a link to my "dudely DIY" wallet tutorial!

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