Friday, December 28, 2012

Thankful (Almost) Thursday: By Way Of Snail Mail

Yes I know I missed Thankful Thursday yesterday. I decided to write my thanks this week instead of blogging about it.

Without going into too much detail, this holiday week was a bit rough with the family. And after this past month of insanity and upsetness and crying and feeling down and friends rescuing me at all hours of the night and day with their calls and texts from wildly different time zones, I knew I had to do something in return to show my friends how much their help has meant to me.

I seriously considered (on a sugar-high at 3am one night) writing to each of them here on a Thankful Thursday post, but it quickly became too eerily reminiscent of those weird MySpace "tell everyone what you think of them without naming names but you don't really need to cause everyone knows you're talking about Billy who you're madly in love with and Jane who's a witch I mean really come on" things.

Once properly rested, I realized that these folks don't need me to tell everyone how grateful I am for them, I need to tell them that. And preferably, with letters. Hand-written letters are possibly my favorite thing ever. They make thank you's and hello's and I miss you's infinitely better and more tangible. So it was added to my Ten Days challenge. And here they are! I mean, how adorable are these cards??

I ended up writing a few more than the original three I intended but oh well!

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