Monday, December 3, 2012

Taking The Plunge (Or Not): Tattoos

I've had the inexplicable urge to get a tattoo since I was about 17. I have a vague idea for what I want (and why), but I just haven't fully come to terms with putting something on my body, and then never being able to take it off.

This is especially true since any tattoo I would ever get would have to be 100% cover-able. As in no tattoo on my ankle, shoulder, lower back, hip, arm... basically, anywhere girls "traditionally" get tattoos. I was about 30 seconds away from getting one behind my ear and another down my wrist at one point but decided against it at the last minute.

In any case, it lead me to Tattly Designy temporary tattoos! Most temp tattoos are geared towards the 2-5 year old demographic, but Tattly designs tattoos for the adult hipster and rebel in all of us. Some are hilarious, some are sweet, some are just beautiful. What's more, they're 5 bucks (for a set of 2, including shipping) and an awesome way to test run a tattoo! Or just have a cute boots-wearing octopus occupy your forearm for a while.

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