Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY: Easy Computer Case Update

I told you I had a ton of upcoming DIY's! The clear computer case I bought two years ago has been through a lot with me, and it's beginning to show...
Scratches, and marks, and dents, oh my!

And then I saw this beautiful website.

Spend 30 bucks on a new case, or buy some spray paint and a sharpie and just do it myself? Is that even a question? All the cases above would be super easy to DIY (circle sponge paint spotter, bits of color painted over with white, cup rim dipped in white paint, sharpie and spray paint), but I was most inspired by the last one. Plus, it only took like a half hour of actual work time (minus waiting around for it to dry)! 

What you need:
Clear computer case
Spray paint
(Note: there are a million and a half methods you could use, this is just how I did mine - be creative!)

What you do:
1) Sharpie the design of your choice onto the inside of the case.

2) Spray paint the entire inside of the case. Make sure your put down newspaper or cardboard so your school doesn't kill you for graffiti-ing the brick. (I didn't spray paint the bottom case piece since I didn't want the heat from the computer melting the paint or something - I figured the screen doesn't generate that much heat so it'd be okay).

3) Rock out.

Also, in case you were wondering (no pun intended), this is the view from where I'm "working." Florida is seriously the best. More on this tomorrow!

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