Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to Organize Your Closet and Find New Outfits

One of the results of starting to DIY so much is that my closet space is quickly vanishing and I now officially don't have enough hangers to hang up the stuff that needs hanging (hashtagfirstworldproblems). As a college student, there's not many more hangers that could fit in my teeny little closet anyways.

A great, long-term solution: go through closet (and dresser) and just donate all the old clothes I don't wear anymore.

The easy solution: something apparently everyone else already does, but I couldn't resist sharing for the three of us still out of the loop. I present, double-hanging!!

This works especially well with tank tops or dresses on hangers with these hook-things (yes, that's the technical term for them).

Added bonus: by mixing up what shirts you hang together, you can even stumble across new outfit inspirations, like I did with my favorite chambray shirt and a yellow oxford sweater that I never wear.

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