Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY: Galaxy Dress (or, the art of persistence)

What do you do when you have a DIY method that you've tried twice and hasn't turned out how you wanted (i.e. bleach), and a dress that you've tried to alter three times and still hasn't turned out how you wanted (see below)? Throw them both together into one beautiful mess of a project, of course!

It seems every blogger ever has their own method of DIY'ing Christopher Kane's galaxy print from his resort 2011 collection. And remember this dress?

I mean, come on! How could you not want a print like this??

Here's mine, adapted from all the tutorials listed above.

What you need:
Black dress
Bleach in a spray bottle
Fabric/acrylic paint in various colors
Something to flick and sponge paint with

What you do:
1) Lay your dress out flat, and spritz it with bleach in a fairly random pattern, concentrating on some areas more than others, etc. Cheeze alert: the point here isn't to be orderly, but to embrace the entropy of the galaxy!
Kinda too short, kinda too doll-esque dress I picked up on a whim at Forever21 a few years back.

2) After a few minutes, scrunch the dress up and spritz once more.

3) Once the colors are to your satisfaction, wash your dress and dry it.
I only wanted one part of the skirt and some of the bodice to be galaxy, but don't be afraid to go crazy on the whole dress!

4) Flick, splatter, sponge, squish, and drag paint over the dress. Again, move towards chaos!

5) Fly yourself to the moon.
 Still a bit short to wear with just tights, but with leggings or black jeans underneath I love it!!

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